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08 maggio 2007

4th International Ex Libris Competition 2008 Bodio Lomnago

Competition rules

4th International Ex Libris Competition 2008 Bodio Lomnago

(from the press release)

Bodio Lomnago Town Council, in collaboration with A.I.E. (Italian Ex Libris Association), announce the 4th International Ex Libris Competition 2008 – the theme is: The Bicycle.

The event is sponsored by “Varese 2008”, the Organising Committee for the World Road Cycling Championships which involves several town councils in the Province of Varese, including Bodio Lomnago.

Competition rules

1) The Competition is open to all artists. Participation is free of charge. Every participant must complete the entry form attached to this announcement.

2) Only entries made using the traditional techniques of the original graphic art (chalcography, xylography, lithography) will be accepted for the Competition. Entries made using other techniques will not be evaluated in the Competition.

3) The Ex Libris entries should have the following characteristics:
- represent the theme of the Competition: The Bicycle.
- be printed on paper no larger than A5 (148mm x 210mm); the printed area may be any size;
- no indications or markings of other competitions must be present.
- the following must be written, in pencil, on the reverse side: surname, first name, address of the artist, date the entry was executed, dimensions of the engraved part, technique used and title.
- all entries must have the following inscription:
Only entries with all the above requisites will be evaluated in the Competition. All those missing one or more of these requisites will not be considered.

4) Each artist may enter a maximum of two entries, each of which must have at least four signed copies. Three copies will be held in the Bodio Lomnago Library collection and one in the A.I.E. collection. These may be used at will by both institutions. Entries will not be returned.

5) Bodio Lomnago Town Council has designated three prizes to the value of: €1000, (...)